100% Legit


2014 Release


You are at the right place if you really wish to hack someone’s Gmail or Windows Live ID.

The only data you need to know about the potential victim is his/her email ID.

This is no random shit to infect users and I mean it.

Virus Scan Report  for both the software is given below.



This hack works on the basis of automated brute forcing. I will release further updates if necessary.

It took me about 3 months to develop this hack . I have included security features in both the softwares in order to prevent backtracking.

I wont entertain any leecher here hence you would have to go through a small survey in order to get the software.

By doing a survey you prove to me that you are in real need for this hack and trust me its worth doing a small survey.

Requirements :

1. Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

2. Working internet connection. (Preferably Broadband)

3. 512 MB or above RAM.

DOWNLOAD links are given below.




1. This software is intended only for educational purpose.

2. You don’t  possess the rights to sell or redistribute this software.

3. Use this hack at your own risk. I’m not to be held responsible for what you do with this hack.


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